Southwood Presbyterian Church

Huntsville, Alabama

Biloxi, Mississippi Hurricane Relief Mission Trip

Oct. 8-12, 2005

We are the first of hopefully many crews coming to Biloxi, Mississippi to help with huricane relief efforts out of East Howard Baptist Chuch in Old Biloxi. The area is devastated. Most residents and the church will be getting little or no insurance money. This will be a long term project staffed and funded by Chistian volunteers. The church will be celebrating it's 100th birthday this Thanksgiving. The neighborhood is a mixture of families who are multi-cultural / multi-racial with a strong Casino presence. The church has had an effective minisrty to the community with a food & clothing pantry and community wide dinners each Friday. Work teams will be dividing their time between restoring the church and helping residents of the community. We are passing out supplies of food, clothing and cleaning items and helping clear debris, cut trees and give hope to a community in need of our love and support at this difficult time.


If you would like to find out how you or your group can participate in this project, you may contact the following individuals:

Roy Hill - East Baptist Church deacon 228-380-4455

John D. Harry - East Baptist Church Youth Pastor - 228-218-4926

Roy Nelson - Volunteer Co-ordinator - 256-717-9510

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Day 1 Photo Gallery

Day 2 - AM Work - Getting sanctuary ready for Sunday worship

Day 2- Worship Service - Worship with members of East Howard Baptist Church

Day 2 - Church Neighborhood - Views of devastation around church and Biloxi, passing out supplies to Vietnamese families

Day 2- PM Work - Work on church property and the nasty food pantry

Day 3 - Work on church continues, more work in community around church

Day 4 - Work in community, secure & clean santuary, work on other church rooms

Day 5 - Finish cleaning up, packing, group photos

Nov. 10-14 Mission Trip

*NEW* Photos from visit to East Howard Baptist during Southwood Mission Trip

to Bay St. Louis July 28-31, 2006


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